Singapore Haze Pollutant Index

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Singapore Haze Pollutant Index

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Updated: 23th Sep 2019

There are 2 main Pollutant Index in Singapore we should look at. They are PSI and PM2.5

The PSI (Pollutant Standards Index) is computed based on the 24-hour average of particulate matter (PM10), fine particulate matter (PM2.5), sulphur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), ozone (O3), and carbon monoxide (CO). While the PM2.5 concentrations reflect the average PM2.5 levels over 1 hour

Haze Pollutant Index must be at least hourly update to give accurate representation on the current haze situation in order for you to plan your immediate activities.

To get accurate reading directly from Singapore website, go to the NEA for 1hr PM2.5 reading.

Air Quality Result for 1hr PM2.5
0 - 55 = Normal (Good to Moderate)
56 - 150 = Elevated (Unhealthy)
151 - 250 = High (Very Unhealthy)
Above 250 = Very High (Hazardous)

Unfortunately, NEA website doesn’t provide you with 1hr PSI reading

Those of you who prefer 1hr PSI reading, you may need to download Mobile App – 'SG Air'.
'SG Air' will display hourly reading for both PM2.5 and PSI

Google Play ... sdev.sgair

App Store
Remark: They only provides 3hrs PSI.

Air Quality Result for PSI
0 – 50 = Good
51 – 100 = Moderate
101 – 200 = Unhealthy
201 – 300 = Very unhealthy
Above 300 = Hazardous
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