Where to source water?

Finding a water source is your key to survival.
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Where to source water?

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The earth is made up of 70% water but only a few percentage of water is drinkable. So where to find water if you're stranded? Here are some suggestions:

We're very lucky to be in Singapore because most of the tap water are drinkable. Realise i use the word most? Because some places like Lazarus Island, St John Island and Pulau Ubin doesn't have drinkable water from the tap. There are only some countries with drinkable tap water, so don't go collecting water from the tap without finding out their information.

Bottled Water
We can find bottled water everywhere like supermarket or vending machines. If the water in the particular country is questionable, the best choice is just to buy bottled water. But if the water from the tap is drinkable, save your money...

Rain Harvesting
Don't go collecting rain if you can still find drinkable water around you. Rain Harvesting has been around for many years, it is nature doing its job to supply drinking water thru distillation using sun. Do take note that due to modern developments, some countries have acid rain.

Most of the water in the lakes or reservoirs are fresh water, meaning it is collected from the rain. Just filter and you can drink without boiling.

If you have some equipment you can try to distill water from the sea. Be prepared to make lots of fire.

Every plant will give out morning dew during dawn. All you need to do is to throw a blanket over the leaves or tie a plastic over a section of a tree and wait till next day. If you're using towel just twist it, make sure your container is below. If you're using plastic bags, shake the branch so that the water will flow down from the leaves and collected in the plastic bag, untie and pour the water out, u should be able to drink it without filtering.

NEVER DRINK SEAWATER!!! Do not collect any water that is touching the sea, you can't filter seawater and it is full of bacteria and viruses!!!
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