Phone protection

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Phone protection

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We carry our smartphones everyday everywhere.
Have you given a thought to how we can keep them protected?
Let me state that I am not promoting or endorsing any product.

As I move around often and cycle, I need good protection for my phone. So I got myself an Otterbox Defender for my phone.

You may ask why I got myself a chunky case.
I experienced a shocking incident 2 years ago.

The Samsung S8 that I was carrying fell out of my pocket
While I was going down the escalator and dropped from a total height of 1 floor with a loud pop on the ground, screen down.

My heart sank as I raced down the escalator to pick up the phone.
To my surprise, no cracks on the screen and no dents.
I made a phone call and checked my emails with no issues at all.
The case I was using at that time was an Otterbox Defender.
It kept my phone from breaking into pieces.
Now that is peace of mind, in the spirit of EDC and a survivor mindset.
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