Packing Get Out Bag (Go-Bag)

Get Out Bag during emergency
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Packing Get Out Bag (Go-Bag)

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A Get Out Bag a.k.a. GOB, Go-Bag or 24-72-hours Bag, is an emergency bag equipped with gears tailored to respond to various threats and gives you sufficient time to seek shelter. As a rule of thumb, during a serious disaster that occurs in large areas, it usually takes up to 72 hours duration for rescue crews to locate and retrieve people in times of disaster. Once the threat is over, you plan to come back to the original location, therefore Go-Bag will be different from Bug-Out Bag (BOB).

How do you go about preparing a Go-Bag? There's no one absolute way because it is different for any individual or family. If you take notes of the tips mentioned below, you'll have a good idea of which essential items you are going to pack in your Go-Bag.

When packing for Go-Bag, there are 7 important areas to consider:
1. Location - Identify and understand your location, surroundings and environment.

2. Threats - What threats will you face? Example if you stay at high rise building, you may face fire and building flood as threats. In other areas, you may experience an Earthquake.

3. Duration - How long do you expect to get to the shelter, rescue or back to the original location.

4. Encounter- What you or your family may encounter should the disaster strike? Example burn, smoke, wet and no electricity.

5. Survival Kit: Items help you survive the threats. Example N95 mask, flashlight and whistle.

6. First-Aid Kit - Medical kit that is essential for the stated threats. Example burn gel, antiseptic and bandages. Also, include any medication for you and your family.

7. Knowledge - Learn how to use items is very important. You don't want to come to a point where you or your family members do not know how to use them.

Feel free to discuss and share your experience.
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