One of my EDC lights

Portable LED and incandescent lights, and Glow-in-the-Dark (GID) items.
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One of my EDC lights

Post by m3ngk3 »

As they say, TWO is ONE and ONE is NONE.

So here just to share one of my EDC lights which have impressed my colleagues over the last week as we worked tirelessly to prepare for a major departmental event at our campsite.

CGI - Crypto Lite USB Enforcement Beacon (680lu)(UK-03C)

I first bought this from Black Tactical as a replacement clip-on beacon light for duty needs.

However, being a keychain light attached to my KEY-BAK Retractable Key Chain, it's almost an instinctive illumination tool I would pull out when I had to "light up" the entire container Image so that my colleagues can find their way around.

PS: Definitely brighter than a phone light
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Re: One of my EDC lights

Post by adrianfoo »

Think i saw this at Halloween Nights at USS the other day. not bad, very bright.
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Re: One of my EDC lights

Post by Felixxe »

Cree developed the latest (highest @Y2019) 155LPW (Lumens per watt) with 3kK tone, so for luminaries do watch out for torch/lantern products with this component: ... cob-leds-1

Fyi, if you want to tweak torch for higher LPW, go for monochrome (eg. blue/red colored) type of LED. This should prolong your battery life.
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