Potential Sources of Radiation Causing Harm

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Potential Sources of Radiation Causing Harm

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Perhaps we can start by listing the potential sources of radiation locally that can harm our wellbeing:
1. Nuclear warfare, including dirty bomb and IEDs.
2. Assassination poison.
3. Hospital or industrial leak/accident.
4. Inappropriate storage of nuclear/radioactive material (including raw materials).
5. Nuclear powered plant (potential national plan) meltdown/fallout, including neighbouring countries' power infrastructure.
6. Meteorite radioactive fallout.
7. Scientific research facility breach.
8. Construction/ building materials containing radioactive as impurities.
9. Contaminated water (sea, reservoir, rain etc.)
10. Old wristwatches and pocket watches containing radium
11. Old gas lantern (Thorium).
12. Rare-earth materials in old optical lenses

Please feel free to add more
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