Morse Code Easy Chart

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Morse Code Easy Chart

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Print this chart and keep in pocket/wallet:

To decode morse code eg.: dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot

dot can be represented by zero or short note tone,
dash can be represented by one or long note tone.

Always begin from START point
So everytime you encounter a dot, move down thru the Right arm,
and when encounter a dash, move down thru the Left arm.

first three dots represent "S"
second three dash represent "O"
third three dots represent "S" again.

To encode eg. "Monday" to morse code:
M = dash dash
O = dash dash dash
N = dash dot
D = dash dot dot
A = dot dash
Y = dash dot dash dash

so joined together, MONDAY will be
"dash dash dash dash dash dash dot dash dot dot dot dash dash dot dash dash"

Areas on chart marked by Upset face icon are specially inserted so you need to add the dash if move toward left arm, or add dot if move towards right arm.

Do imagine you are stucked below the heap of debris after the twin tower collapsed and waiting for firemens to rescue you. A morse knock on a metal pipe or structure can be saving you by communicating your status and describe your whereabout to your rescuers.
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