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Survival Life-saving Mnemonics

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3- Air,Shelter,Water,Food (3-ASWF)
3 minutes without air
3 hours without shelter
3 days without water
3 weeks without food
Note: Shelter factor refers to environmental threats eg. extreme weather like snow, desert heat, storm.

STOP when you are panic/lost
Stop where you are
Think about your situation
Observe what is around you
Plan your next actions

Extinguisher Use PASS
Pull the pin in the handle
Aim at the base of the fire
Squeeze the trigger
Sweep across the fire

FAST for Stroke symptoms check
Face drooping
Arm weakness
Speech slurring
Time to call emergency, if you see these symptoms

PULSE For Cadiac Arrest symptoms check
Pain in the chest, jaw, neck, back, or arms
Upset stomach (nausea, vomiting, indigestion)
Lightheadedness (or dizziness)
Shortness of breath
Excessive sweating
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Re: Survival Life-saving Mnemonics

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Chanced upon the extended list being shared on a facebook group.

Check it out at ... mnemonics/
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